What Goes into an Energy Audit and Why Should I have One Done?

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It seems that utility bills are just too high, no matter where you live or what your situation. Every month you stare at your bill, perplexed at how much gas and electricity you used. “How is this even possible?” you might wonder.

Before you start blaming the utility companies for their outrageous prices and blatant gouging, have you considered that it might actually be your equipment that’s to blame? Outdated HVAC units are actually a major culprit of energy and can be costing you more than you might think. One way to tell for sure whether or not it’s your equipment or electric company that’s the problem is by having an energy audit done.

What is an Energy Audit

An energy audit is an estimate of the energy needs of a building or residence which can help you know whether or not your equipment is doing the trick. Here are some of the things that get checked when you order an energy audit on your home or building.

  • Doors, windows, outside walls… anywhere that might have air leaks. During the summer, those air leaks can fight against the AC and during the winter they’ll just help you heat the outdoors.

  • If you don’t have proper or enough insulation, you can be losing a lot of heat and cool air through the walls and ceiling of your home or building.

  • Heating and cooling equipment. If your equipment isn’t up-to-date enough to meet your needs, it may be running on overtime and costing you a small fortune.

  • Traditional light bulbs and outdated light fixtures may be using more energy than you’d expect.

  • Outdated appliances may be eating more energy than their newer counterparts.

  • If there are any holes or gaps in ductwork, you could be losing a lot more heat or cool air than you think.

Where Can I Get One?

You can do an energy audit yourself or hire a professional. Professional auditors can use a wide range of equipment and processes to determine the efficiency of your home and give you tips and advice on making it more efficient. Through tools like infrared cameras, they can determine where the biggest offenders are.

We offer a free energy audit service in Northport and Tuscaloosa, AL. You can learn more on our energy efficiency page or learn more about the other services that we have available to you at TruTemp Solutions.

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