The Best Ways to Ruin Your HVAC System

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You know what people love? Replacing their HVAC equipment. Everyone’s looking for ways to spend more money, and since a new air conditioner or heater is a good chunk of change, they’re great ways to get rid of some of that extra cash that everyone has lying around. If you’re interested in shortening the lifespan of your HVAC equipment so you can drop your clean out your bank account by replacing it early, make sure you do at least some of the following:

Close Your Vents

Closing vents in unused rooms forces the system to run harder to keep airflow normal. It will use more energy in the short run and cause more wear and tear on your system in the long run. Your system is balanced to keep airflow consistent throughout the whole house. When the vents are closed, the pressure in the ducts increases, creating leaks, and the system runs longer to correct the temperature in the rooms where the vents are still open.

Hold on to that Filter

If you’re trying to overwork your HVAC system, you shouldn’t replace your filter. As dust, hair, allergens, and other debris get caught in the filter, it becomes harder and harder for the blower’s motor to move the hot and cold air through it. Changing or cleaning your filter every month or two undermines your efforts to ruin the HVAC system, so keep the same filter in there as long as possible.

Avoid Cleaning the HVAC System

While we’re on the topic of dirt and debris, remember that the filter isn’t the only thing that can get dirty. The fins on the AC unit can get bent and clogged. The heater, blower, and ducts can  all get dusty. Take a break from your chores and don’t clean any of this. This might be hard for people with allergies—you’ll want to clean them out so you can breathe easier—but be strong. Soon enough the wear and tear will help your reach your goal of prematurely repair or replace your HVAC system.

Ignore All Warning Signs

When your HVAC system realizes what you’re doing to it, it’ll start sending out distress signals. It’ll begin short-cycling, turning on and off frequently. You might smell some strange odors, like rubber or plastic burning. The airflow in your home will begin to slow down. When one or more of these things happen, you know you’re winning your war against your HVAC system. Ignore these warning signs for just a little longer, and eventually you’ll get to replace the whole thing.

Of course, if you’re not trying to spend a ton of money on avoidable repairs and replacements, you could ignore all this advice and keep your HVAC system running smoothly and even extend its lifetime. A little preventative maintenance goes a long way in saving you money. To learn more, visit

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