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Ductless AC Tuscaloosa & Northport, AL

Those boxy window-mounted AC units might be the old standby, but they can leave much to be desired. They’re often noisy, unwieldy, and heavy – and they basically co-opt a window for months out of the year. Fortunately, there is a better solution for home and business owners across theTuscaloosa and Northport, AL area: ductless air conditioning.

What are Ductless AC Systems?

While many people use HVAC systems or a central heating and cooling system in their homes or businesses, others who live in older properties may not have the proper duct work that is required to deliver cool air into a room or commercial space. To remedy this, many people utilize window mounted AC units. However, those type of air conditioners leave much to be desired.

Those boxy window-mounted AC units are certainly a classic standby, but they’re often noisy, unwieldy, and heavy. Even worse, they essentially co-opt a window for months out of the year leading to an unsightly view and a potential loss in your home’s energy efficiency. Fortunately, consumers have access to a far better solution for their homes and businesses across the Northport, AL area and that solution is ductless air conditioning.

So what are ductless AC systems? A ductless AC system, or mini splits, utilize only two components- an outside condenser and an in-door handling unit. These appliances tend to be small, energy efficient, and are solutions to people who are looking for an affordable way to heat or cool a room. Since they do not utilize ducts, there will be no energy loss as a result of air traveling through duct work and are far more attractive to the eye then traditional window-mounted AC units.

Benefits Galore

At TruTemp Heating & Cooling LLC, we provide quality HVAC services designed to address your property’s needs and this most certainly includes our line of ductless ac units. Our ductless air conditioning systems offer a number of benefits:

  • Ductless AC systems don’t monopolize windows. To further that, most ductless AC systems have a sleek design and can be incorporated into most homes without being too noticeable.
  • Ductless AC systems don’t have to be moved during the off-season, are not reliant on complicated and costly duct-work.
  • Ductless AC systems are energy efficient, quiet, and can efficiently cool an entire home as easily as a standard AC system.

A ductless air conditioning system is an efficient and effective means of keeping your home or place of business cool.

Ductless Ac Service Guarantee

And when you work with our team, we guarantee you’ll be met with unrivaled repairs and sales. When it comes to ductless AC services, TruTemp Solution’s customers can expect the following:

  • Competitive pricing on repairs and
  • Prompt, reliable service convenient to our
  • A selection of high quality and industry leading HVAC products

Make an investment in your comfort with a ductless air conditioning system! Call today to schedule your estimate or for more information.