Hvac Repair Tuscaloosa Al

Hvac Repair Tuscaloosa Al

The AC industry has so many technological upgrades that it is impossible for most of them to break down before their due date. It may be worth replacing the unit if it a less than standard option, or has reached its service expiration date. In some cases, you only need a couple of affordable repairs to get back a working system. We weighed a couple of conditions for you to understand whether it is time for air conditioning repair or replacement.

Is it time for Tuscaloosa AC repair or replacement ?


The primary consideration revolves around the safety of the AC unit. A system that presents any kind of safety hazard must be replaced. Some common safety hazards include leaking carbon monoxide, excess heat and potential electrical faults that can cause a short. The only disclaimer is that not only safety hazards call for a complete unit replacement. Tuscaloosa HVAC companies can analyze your unit for minor issues that need repairs, such as faulty wiring or stuck valves, so you can maintain the unit for the next couple of years.


The average lifespan of the best Tuscaloosa heating and air conditioning system is about 15 to 20 years. Some units have a date of manufacture on the package hence it will be easy to determine the best replacement date. Otherwise, we can check the chamber door for an identification plate containing the model number and dates.

Licensed HVAC contractors in Tuscaloosa do not advise clients to toss out their units simply because they reached their life expectancy. Half of all the units will be expendable by the due date, while others will work efficiently due to proper maintenance and repair. Other units will last longer because they are off for a bigger part of the year. The date is not a judgment set in stone, and should not be a marker for the unit’s performance.


The AC system uses an R22 coolant, which also goes by the name Freon. However, most units with a Freon need a replacement sooner than later because the R22 is no longer in operation. It is best to replace the R22 with a modern unit because the older one is a couple more dollars due to its unavailability. People who choose to keep and repair the R22 will eventually run into increased expenses, and face the fact that they need a complete replacement.

Availability of parts

AC technology undergoes continuous changes due to the constant updates in technology. An old AC unit will be difficult to repair because the parts are scarce. You may need a total replacement is the unit needs more than a few parts, which are difficult and expensive to source.

Increased energy bills

The AC industry has incredible strides for the efficiency of its units. Over the years, manufacturers found ways to reduce operating costs, by using parts that require less electricity. You may want to move to a unit with better efficiency if you folk out more than the average energy bills for your household. Tru Temp will analyze all the energy usage of the unit, and recommend alternatives that will save you a couple of thousands each year. Contact 205-523-1601 for the best HVAC service in Tuscaloosa AL.

Hvac Repair Tuscaloosa Al