How to Prepare Your AC Unit for Winter

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As of this post, it still feels like summer in Tuscaloosa, AL so air conditioning units across the state are still running strong. But winter is slowly approaching and it’s getting cooler as we get into November. It may be time to pack up your AC unit until next year comes around. Here are the steps to take to prepare your AC unit for winter.

Clean Your Air Conditioner in Tuscaloosa, AL

Your unit has endured heatwave after heatwave in the summer, along with all the dust and debris it came with. Make sure you are thorough in your cleaning, starting with the outer frame. Sweep off the dust, leaves, bugs, and spider webs on your air conditioner.

Change the filter or clean it if it is reusable. These should be replaced every three months to preserve the longevity of your AC unit and improve its energy efficiency. Dirty air filters block the flow of air, spread dust and allergens into your home, and generate more heat than your unit is supposed to. Dirty AC coils and bent coil fins reduce airflow and the coils’ ability to absorb heat so be sure to clean these parts as well. You may need to call TruTemp Solutions if your air conditioner needs those parts repaired or replaced.

If it is a portable unit that you installed into your window, you may have to remove it before doing any cleaning. Put on a pair of work gloves so you have a firm grip of the heavy AC unit. Unplug the unit and remove any insulation or objects securing it to the window before lifting it off. Place a towel under your workspace to absorb any moisture that may drip onto the floor. Be sure the clean the filter and let it dry.

Cover Your Air Conditioning Unit

After giving your AC unit a thorough cleaning, it’s time to cover it to save it from the elements. There have been discussions whether this is good practice, which is justified because AC units need to be in open air whenever it is being used. However, since we are putting it out of commission for winter this is not the case. The best and cheapest solution is to cover your AC unit with a black plastic trash bag.

If you need assistance with these tasks, TruTemp Solutions is your residential air conditioner service of Tuscaloosa who specialize in everything air conditioning, whether it be repair, installation, replacement, or maintenance. They can service your AC or HVAC unit so that it can withstand the cold winter and resume use next summer. To learn more about our commercial air conditioner service, visit our website at

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