Ductless AC Tuscaloosa

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A lot of people spend the summer months enjoying the cool air conditioning in their home. Those same people spend way more time than they’d like to admit looking at the utility bill with the astronomical price on it. The first thought is how to get that bill down so that it doesn’t cost quite as much. Maybe I should only use the air conditioning when I’m home, or maybe I should get one of those smart thermostats. While both of these approaches could work, one way proven to help is to switch to Ductless AC.

What Is Ductless AC

A ductless air conditioning unit is a mounted indoor unit that is usually combined with an outside compressor. Unlike big window units, ductless units only need a small hole drilled into the wall. This makes the units less vulnerable to air leakage so that means that more air actually stays inside the room than being spilled out. This in turn keeps the room cooler.

Benefits of Ductless AC

Better Air Quality

Ductless AC units come with mesh filters that collect dust. Many of these filters also come with special enzymes that break down allergens providing

More Noise Efficient

Ductless AC Units are much quieter than the noisy window units many of Us are used to.

Lower Utility bill

Ductless AC Units are more efficient than other air conditioning units. They use small holes to connect the unit to an outdoor compressor so they let less air out, Because of this they can keep the room cooler and will not have as much work to do.

Small Units Above The Window

For more information on ductless AC or if you would like to have ductless AC installed in your home, give TruTemp a call. We can help you lower that AC bill and keep your home cool.

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