Advances in the Heating and Cooling Industry

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Heating and cooling options have grown since the days of fans and radiators. These days, you have much more available to you than the popular choices of a traditional furnace, water heater, and central air. Learn some of the newest heating and cooling advancements the industry is buzzing about:

Tankless Water Heaters

Widely boasted as an energy-efficient solution, tankless water heaters heat water only as it is needed. Another benefit is having the convenience of washing a load of laundry, taking a shower, and running the dishwasher all at the same time—without having to worry about running out of hot water.

Solar-Powered Water Heaters

Because solar energy has gained momentum over the years, many people are excited about solar-powered water heating systems. There are several different types of systems, but the biggest difference with a solar energy system is that no pumping is required.

Ductless AC Systems

Rather than cooling the whole house, ductless air conditioning systems focus on cooling the rooms that they are in. For this reason, you should install them in the rooms that are used the most. Because your system is not trying to cool the whole house, it will use up less energy to keep you comfortable—not to mention it will save you money!

Portable Air Conditioners

Like ductless systems, portable air conditioners are better for cooling individual rooms, and are not ideal for whole-house cooling solutions. However, one advantage they have over ductless systems is that they are portable, which means you can easily move them from one room to the next as your needs change.

Smart Thermostats

Smart technology is in demand. For this reason, many companies have developed smart thermostats to meet the consumer’s needs. There are obvious benefits to a programmable thermostat that can learn your habits, sense when the property is vacant, and allow temperature adjustments to be made when you’re away.

Smart Air Vents

The next step in smart technology is smart air vents. Similar to some smart thermostats, smart vents have sensors that can sense when a room is occupied and can close the vents when it is vacant. They also have the capabilities to detect when a room is too hot or cold and can manage the pressure and airflow of each vent.

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